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Tic Tac Controversy

I was happily chomping on a box of orange tic tacs at work today when one of my colleagues stops by and says “hey, those have gluten in them ya know!” I looked up shocked. ” They can’t can they?” I asked. He just nodded and walked away. Ah pooey, Mr. Grimgluten reaper!  But now I can’t get the idea out of my head, so I’m looking it up and it seems they have CORN gluten not WHEAT gluten.

Image from pennypinchinmom.com

I guess it’s to be a day of learning because I didn’t realize gluten wasn’t specific to Wheat products exclusively… but now I wonder when my Doc said “no gluten” if she knew this an meant no on corn or wheat. After reading a bit,  it seems that Corn Gluten is a misused term so she probably didn’t mean avoid it.. So weird.

Here is how I found out about the claim they are gluten free: http://www.tictacusa.com/sections/faq/index.swf

Corn Gluten is assumed okay for Celiac’s and other GF Folks http://www.celiac.com/articles/186/1/Corn-Gluten—Is-it-Safe-for-a-People-with-Celiac-Disease-Who-are-on-a-Gluten-Free-Diet/Page1.html


Big Cheese!

Cheese, yes I miss my cheese. The ooey, gooey, melty cheese stringing off a sandwich or quesadilla and I take a bite. Yum! To be honest I find myself cheating here and there, but really the payment in belly ache time usually isn’t worth it.
I know they make all kinds of lactose free cheeses, but they melt like plastic on a heater, and taste about as good as that smells. So I just chalked up the cheese issue as a give it up food and, well,  gave it up.

But in the last few years, there seems to have been a lot more emphasis placed on those that must “go without”  and companies found a new market to gain. Vegan/Lactose intolerant folks…and now they have come up with a melty, ooey gooey cheesy goodness that works and tastes good. Thanks to the suggestions of one of my favorite bloggers, Chakabox, I found this little slice of heaven, Daiya Cheese!

So if you find yourself wanting to shy away from the melted plastic on your dairy free items, check this product out. You won’t be disappointed!

Wine not Whine :)

Wine tasting, one of my very favorite things to do! I was lucky enough to host a wine tasting at my home for Silver Bell Winery, a new winery in the great Northwest!

Diane and Alan from Silver Bell came to our home, set up a nice display and gave us history on the grapes and good sized pours of each of their six wines! My only job, to make sure that there was food for all the wine tasters. Now as you probably know the traditional foods for wine tasting are completely unapproved by my gut, so I had to make some alterations.  I had the cheese and crackers of course, plus my guests brought some other yummy salads (Thanks for my friend Heather the Salad Queen, it was tasty and safe for me!) and cheese puffs. But to fit into my diet I also had the below items:

Rice Crackers
Tofu cream cheese with a Pepper Jam over the top
Chicken Taquitos wrapped in corn tortillas
Veggie Platter with a home made vinaigrette

All in all it was good. I did have a few slices of cheese because it was just too overwhelming to have all those cheesy options…but I only had a few sinces I had other treats I could eat! Great wine and Great food…. Success! Plus I did some of my Christmas Shopping from my own home!

Silver Bell Winery!

Paradise Eating at Avalon!

I was lucky enough to be invited to the pre-screening of Breaking Dawn last night with one of my good girlfriends. But so we would get to catch up before the movie based on a book we both devoured, we decided to go out and grab a bite! Easy, we both live in West Seattle so we picked Avalon!

We were greeted warmly and informed, there would be a band. We chose a seat further away, so we could chat and listen. The band was fantastic! (they do this on Thursday nights, I highly recommend it!)  When it came to the menu I wasn’t sure what to do, but I had met one of the owners during my previous visit about a month ago and she told me to ask next time I was in. I ate things I shouldn’t that night! WOOPS…(but boy was that Duck Flatbread good. if you can have gluten and cheese. GO EAT THIS!)

Our waiter arrived and I told him about my dietary restrictions AND that I don’t really eat much seafood because I dont’ care for the stuff. He smiled told me what I could have and I picked the vegetable Risotto. He confirmed with the kitchen that it wouldn’t even have a hint of butter. “No Problem” I was told!

Delicious vegetable Risotto!

Now one may suspect that taking all the yummy fats and cream out of Risotto lessens the experience. Well, I’m not sure what the team at Avalon did but my meal was truly excellent. My Gluten/Dairy eating friend loved the bread and her Seafood Risotto!

After my meal I met the owner Deborah and she reiterated that they are always happy to work with someones dietary restrictions. So Go there…no matter what your food issues are I have 100% faith that they can work with you!

Other than Breaking Dawn being one of the very worst movies ever made (Although it did make us laugh out loud a few times due to it’s cheesiness and absurdity!), it was a great success, very tasty and easy peasy for me. (I’m guessing my dinner was about 10 points for the Risotto and 4 for the amazing vino!)

Captain Picky Pants Eats Out

Last night was girls night out. So, I had to take on the eating out challenge on again.  We walked into Daniels in South Lake Union with my girlfriends with some hesitancy in having to deal with food outside of my home. I have been to Daniels many times and enjoy their food, but never when I was paying any attention to my allergies or weight. I always worry since I really hate being a bother and seeming like Captain Picky Pants. But because of this blog, I got some courage and I decided to give it a gluten/dairy free go again.

The waitress came to our table flipping her long brown hair over her shoulder and my stomach turned into a knot. It was my time to step up and ask my “picky pants” gluten and dairy free question.  To my surprise, not only did the waitress smile and say “Of Course!” But she also rambled off exactly what on the menu was and was not gluten and dairy free. I looked at her in awe, then I tested her knowledge because this seemed WAY too easy.  I asked “What about the Steak Tar Tar?” And she got a big smile on her heart shaped face and said “No, that won’t work for you.  It has soy sauce in it.” Again, curious I asked “But the Tuna you mentioned has ponzu. Doesn’t that have gluten.” Again, she clarified that she knew their menu inside and out, their ponzu had no gluten.

Seared Tuna! *Image from slowfoodkitchen.com

Done and done! I got the wonderful low calorie seared tuna and, as my waitress mentioned, removed the won ton wrappers to the side of the plate. It was not only a fantastic, low calorie meal and a fun evening with my friends, but it was yet another great experience.  Now I can not help but wonder, was I just overly sensitive before or has public view changed so much that I am no longer seen as picky, but as someone they wish to help? I’m not sure but I love the help and the ease of eating out!

Weight Watch This!

To keep myself sane, I do  not have a scale in my house. This way I am forced to pay for and at least enter Weight Watchers once a week. My goal of getting rid of those nasty and sneaky extra pounds is in the works. And today was the end of week one and my first weigh in since I started. I am proud to say that my seven days filled with Steak Salads, Peanut Soup, Gluten Free pastas was successful. I weighed in and lost 3 pounds! So there you have it… Mr. Muffin, watch out you are quickly going to lose your top and not ’cause I’m eatin’ your gluteny-ness!

No Muffins For You! *Thanks http://www.nixiepixel.com/nixie-ces-plans/

Bye Bye Muffinhead!