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FODMAP Bars? Yes please I’ll Love my guts!


A trip to Mexico, how fun! Then as I thought more about it I got super stressed out about what I will be able to eat and stay on diet. Granted when you’re at a hotel the easy thing to do is to make arrangements and eat there every night. But then I thought about what if we do a day trip and what is offered is sandwiches? Not a lot of gluten free bread in Mexico. The answer could be having a bunch of bars with me so I have something to eat… except most of them have dried fruit or something that is not FODMAP friendly…. Then I heard about this…. I’m in touch with them so I’ll be getting a sample soon, but they are doing a Kickstarter which is pretty cool. I’ll let ya know what I think when I get the sample, but this could be pretty exciting for my guts and hopefully for my taste buds!

Check out their Kickstarter Campaign!