What does “Spices” mean?

So in the past m0004973309101_500X500onth of doing the low-FODMAP diet I have struggled with this lack of clarity in many ingredients listing. Especially in my hot sauces, so I have begun to write to companies to see that they say. So far I have heard back from only Cholula in this nice letter that says no, it’s not good for us FODMAPIANS, but a great way to correspond with your customer!

Dear Costumer;

Thank you for your interest in our product and thank you again for preferring our great Sauce. Regarding your question, our innovations team confirms that Cholula Hot Sauce contains Garlic, but not Onion within our ingredients;

In spices we have the following;

-Garlic; Yes
-Onion; No,

If you have any other questions do not hesitate to ask, we will be glad to answer, and also we wish you the best of luck with your current condition, sincerely we hope that you get better soon. Have a good day.


Walter Alain Chisholm Sánchez
Quality Assurance Coordinator
Tel.: (52-33) 31-34-33-00 Ext: 3210
Nextel: 52*1682*189
Cel.:  +52 1 333 661 35 36


Thank you Cholula!


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