No Need to Miss Breakfast!

A friend of mine from high school and I reconnected a while back because she too is eating gluten free. We found one another again a while back on Facebook and this commonality gave us something to chat about. I was new at the time and she was many years into the struggle. So she recommended I hit up Trader Joe’s and give a lot of their well marked Gluten Free stuff a try. I did and find so many great treasures in rices and my BELOVED rice crackers. Seriously,have you tried the Savory Thin Min rice crackers from Trader Joes…HOLY COW… they are so good my nieces and nephews and friend always eat them up…choosing them over the wheaty ones… but I digress.

Back to the one I forgot for a while then discovered again recently. A friend of mine was coming into town from Denmark and I thought it would be nice to have some foods for her gorgeous 3 year old Cecilie.  Now the wee one is not gluten free but there I was at the store and I ran across the gluten free pancakes. I grabbed the box and promptly forgot… we didn’t eat them when my friends were in town. Then I discovered them in my freezer a few days ago. I grabbed a packet, popped the coaster sized pancakes in the toaster, let them go topped with maple syrup. Delicious!  I honestly couldn’t tell they were gluten free…they weren’t super heavy or grainy, they were perfect and fluffy. AND I just dropped them in the toaster! Yup…it rocked. SO if you want something easy, give these a go. Seriously yummy…and portion controlled 🙂
Another win! WOOP WOOP!


One response to “No Need to Miss Breakfast!

  1. Thanks for the recommendation, these look great. After visiting the great staff at New England Allergy in North Andoer, MA I have been looking for more tasty foods like these. Check out their website at

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