Italian Food Challenge

Last night my beaux and I were trying to decide what we wanted for dinner, I was too tired to cook so Brandon offered…which means we went out.  We live in a smallish area and wanted to stick close to home for our dinner.  Brandon was craving Italian, which I generally avoid like the plague since it seems more wheat and dairy full than any other cuisine (except that I loved it prior to belly issues…so sad).  But being brave, I thought, I would give it a try…and I am glad we went!

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We tried this restaurant named Angelinas, which overall had great service, mediocre environment pretty good food and a $5 Happy Hour all evening. First I dug through the menu and thought I would get a salad removing the cheese and getting oil and vinegar just to be safe (Who knew they put cream in a lot of the vinagrettes? I’ll tell you my tummy figured that one out fast, and was pretty rude about how it told me!)

BUT SURPRISE, I was just about to order and shazam, there it was… at the top of the menu right near the word PASTA for the spaghetti section was a little line that said “Ask about our gluten free options.” I almost jumped out of my chair! YAY! They had a good gluten free spaghetti that I could get and replace any “stringy”  dish (no not lasagne or cannelloni) with. I ordered up some spaghetti and meatballs for $5 and was happy as a clam.  No wait, I think I was happier than a clam since I don’t know that clams are that happy.  I was as happy as my dog Elle with a new squeey toy. Yeah that happy… YAY! Spaghetti!

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    2 responses to “Italian Food Challenge

    1. Yay Angelina’s. I’ve been there a few times. You are right – the atmosphere is lacking but the food is good. I’ll have to check out that $5 menu!

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