Goin’ Green, for Beer!

I used to love beer, it tasted so good. But the bloated belly and pain after drinking it turned any nice evening out with friends into a very short jaunt! Once I learned I was gluten & dairy free I moved to wine but missed my beers. Then a friend of mine went out and got me a beer sampler of all gluten free beers. I didn’t love them all but found some good ones.  My favorite Greens Amber Ale!

My Favorite Beer so far!

Now once I found this through my friend, one would think the problem is solved. But I drink out more often than in, and finding it in a restaurant was hard. To my surprise more and more places are carrying gluten free beers, and the gluten eaters are doing tastes to make sure they find a good one! Not all have my favorite Greens and  New Grist is alright, but hey it’s a start right?  Plus they are both good to cook with if your recipe calls for beer.

So thank you restaurant owners! I love having a beer if I’m in the mood… and when I’m really lucky I get a gluten free bunned burger with a nice GF beer…THAT is heaven (and rare for me…both the burger and the experience!)


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