Back on the Plan

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Ah what a crazy few weeks it was! I had one great experience in eating out at a place I had been curious about for ages. A good friend and I checked out lunch at RN74 in downtown Seattle. It was cozy, fun and tasty. I worry about trying to find Gluten and Dairy free foods, especially at French places..but I got an excellent Asian Ginger Salad and added chicken. SO TASTY! I defiantly want to check out dinner here!

RN74 **

Unfortunately after this win,  I gave up on my foods and began to eat whatever I wanted within reason. The Glutendairy Monster kept me good company as did my lovely sugar cravings! Yes, this included a large amount of the on-sale Oreos I brought into my house along with all kinds of Christmas treats.  Lucky for me I didn’t go too overboard with the Gluten and Dairy, but I did eat enough to feel a bit off many of the days I was off workEnglish: Different sizes of Oreo cookies. From...
But today I decided, I’m back on track. Back to being gluten and dairy free as well as trying to get my weight back on the downward trend. SO… I was nervous but dragged myself into Weight Watchers this morning for a weigh in and to my surprise I had lost 1.4 pounds! YAY! Since early November, I have lost a total of 9LBS!


One response to “Back on the Plan

  1. 9 pounds is awesome! Way to go!

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