Korean Food for the Win!

What a treat for an afternoon. Just imagine sitting back in a fun modern setting as your bowl filled with rice, Korean marinated short ribs and other treats is set in front of you…all topped with an egg yolk.

Gorgeous Image thanks to Jackie at http://www.jackiewrites.com

I had met a good friend for lunch and she suggested a restaurant that has been in Fremont for about a year named Revel. When she mentioned it was Korean I knew I was in business. I am able to have a little bit of gluten like the amount in soy, so I often lean toward Asian food when I’m in doubt. But this, this amazing wonder was such a huge treat. I hadn’t had anything quite like it, with a raw egg yolk ready to stir in and make the dish creamier (they easily remove this if it makes you nervous) Boy was it good. (and I guessed about 10 points eating only 1/2 Cup of the rice.. not bad!)

If you are in Seattle give this a whirl… Revel for the win!


3 responses to “Korean Food for the Win!

  1. ooooh, girl…there is a place up on Capitol Hill called Kimchi Bistro, and it it TUH DIE FUH. It’s tiny, and always packed…with Korean people. Super cheap, CRAZY DELICIOUS and I’m totally taking you there. Then you and B will come over and we’ll make Kimbaps and JapChae!

  2. Indeed.. Revel is one of my fav places. Make sure to check out Joule in Wallingford, their first place. They were on Iron Chef 🙂

  3. Looks good. I’ll have to check it out!

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