Good Friends, Good Eats, No issue!

A couple I was good friends with when I lived in Los Angeles joined the Seattlites as one of our newest members!  They invited Brandon and I over to dinner to see their pad while sharing a good meal with us! My Friend is always a great cook and quickly adjusted her cooking to fit my diet! She only had one question, could I have a touch of gluten or none. Thankfully since I”m not celiac I can have some, like a bit of soy sauce in a marinade, but having a donut as we know sends my belly into a temper tantrum.  So here is what Carrie made…super fabulous!

Who Knew! it was excellent!

Rice Chips
Raspberry Chipolte Dip from the local farmers market
Home made chocolate barks! (she is a master of this!)

Korean Short Ribs from Trader Joes (a bit of Soy Sauce in the marinade)
Smashed potatoes with margarine and some ham (the boys were amazed there was no dairy in good)
Green Beans
Shredded veggie salad. She had a name, it was delicious but I”m not sure what all was in it.

She also found some gluten/dairy free cookies for me.

We ate, we drank wine, we laughed and got to see their lovely new home! I am so glad they are here… not only for their great friendship, but they proved yet again that my diet is not as big a pain to others as I fear. She was happy to help out and find a way to make a delicious meal!

Thanks Guys!


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