Saved by the Coconut!

Last night was a chilly evening. All I wanted to do once I got home from work was curl up with some comfort food while I watched the last episode of Game of Thrones. Sadly with my diet, most of my comfort foods like lasagne and mac and cheese are gone by the wayside so I settle for salad or meat and veggies… but I realized I could have Thai Food… some spicy creamy coconut milk simmered with chicken veggies and spices over brown rice. Perfect!!

I ordered myself a nice 4 star Chicken Green Curry ordered Brandon some Phad Thai and off we went to Siam Pura, a little Thai place by our house. My favorite Thai places in West Seattle are Bang Bar and Buddha Ruksa, but they were both too far away from home..Plus Siam Pura is under new management so it was worth a try. Glad we did, it was pretty good. I still love my Bangbar, but this is a nice quick trip from our home.


Curling up on the couch with my cozy yummy treat was exactly what Monday called for…and the episode of Game of Thrones was intense. Overall a good Monday night after a crazy busy day! Take that gluten/dairy free meal Mister Milkbread Monster. Booh Yah!


One response to “Saved by the Coconut!

  1. haha!
    Good job! 🙂

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