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Korean Food for the Win!

What a treat for an afternoon. Just imagine sitting back in a fun modern setting as your bowl filled with rice, Korean marinated short ribs and other treats is set in front of you…all topped with an egg yolk.

Gorgeous Image thanks to Jackie at

I had met a good friend for lunch and she suggested a restaurant that has been in Fremont for about a year named Revel. When she mentioned it was Korean I knew I was in business. I am able to have a little bit of gluten like the amount in soy, so I often lean toward Asian food when I’m in doubt. But this, this amazing wonder was such a huge treat. I hadn’t had anything quite like it, with a raw egg yolk ready to stir in and make the dish creamier (they easily remove this if it makes you nervous) Boy was it good. (and I guessed about 10 points eating only 1/2 Cup of the rice.. not bad!)

If you are in Seattle give this a whirl… Revel for the win!


Good Friends, Good Eats, No issue!

A couple I was good friends with when I lived in Los Angeles joined the Seattlites as one of our newest members!  They invited Brandon and I over to dinner to see their pad while sharing a good meal with us! My Friend is always a great cook and quickly adjusted her cooking to fit my diet! She only had one question, could I have a touch of gluten or none. Thankfully since I”m not celiac I can have some, like a bit of soy sauce in a marinade, but having a donut as we know sends my belly into a temper tantrum.  So here is what Carrie made…super fabulous!

Who Knew! it was excellent!

Rice Chips
Raspberry Chipolte Dip from the local farmers market
Home made chocolate barks! (she is a master of this!)

Korean Short Ribs from Trader Joes (a bit of Soy Sauce in the marinade)
Smashed potatoes with margarine and some ham (the boys were amazed there was no dairy in good)
Green Beans
Shredded veggie salad. She had a name, it was delicious but I”m not sure what all was in it.

She also found some gluten/dairy free cookies for me.

We ate, we drank wine, we laughed and got to see their lovely new home! I am so glad they are here… not only for their great friendship, but they proved yet again that my diet is not as big a pain to others as I fear. She was happy to help out and find a way to make a delicious meal!

Thanks Guys!

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

THE GOOD: Ah what a week. Rushing around for the holiday and caching up with friends is so good! So far I have been without gluten and’s those tricky Christmas Cookies that are so very tempting! This week I have been focusing on work and getting my last class done for my grad program which went well! And in the midst of all this I lost some more weight so I’m at a total of 8 pounds lost. Now I just need the time to ramp up my workouts a bit more…but I’m fitting my cloths better which is key.

Brandon & I at the Menashe's lightshow!

THE BAD: Okay so maybe someone has some suggestions. I did finally get an appointment at Bastyr for Monday, but my jaw is killing me and has been for about 3 months. It’s terribly painful and my dentist seems to have given up on me after not seeing any improvement with my night guard.  I don’t know if it’s some muscular thing, TMJ or some other mysterious jaw/head pain…but I need to knock that out. Anyone have ideas? A few people mentioned I may have more allergies (oh please no!) that may cause this. I sure hope not!

Jaw pain Image from

THE UGLY: I just thought I’d post this for fun. It’s the ugliest car… what is this thing anyway?

Ugly Car.. Huh? Thanks to

Biased Bison?

Who doesn’t love a night filled with friends, birthdays, good food and a good game of spades? I know I love it! Our friends came over the other night and since we cooked last time, they brought food fit for a king, they were making bison spaghetti (of the quinoa variety) YUM!

Bison Spaghetti - Image from

Now you might flinch if you haven’t had this tasty meat. I’m a big squeamish about different meats much of the time but this one was fantastic. It’s a nice lean red meat that blended into the sauce with such great flavor! Then to top it off some dairy free cheese. It was super yummers! Give it a try, I think you’ll love it!

My friend that brought this over did it to fit into my dietary restrictions and told me it was lower in fat. If you have any to share please share it! I want to learn more. I have started researching and found great info but it’s mostly from a pro-Bison site.

Donut Make a Bad Decision!

Have you ever had that tough morning where nothing goes your way? It’s a slew of little things so you feel like you have no real right to be upset but you are super ticked off? Yeah this morning was that morning for me. The dog wouldn’t come in, in fact she ran all over the yard to avoid me, which made me leave for work late. Then the dry cleaners couldn’t find the slacks my boyfriend needs for a wedding we’re going to tonight, The ATM had issues with the check I was trying to deposit, Traffic was worse than usual, etc… You know that day. Not a good start.

Then I got to work about a half hour late and what happens? Of course, it’s Friday, the day filled with those horribly tempting boxes of donuts and other baked goods. They’re like a Trojan horse for me… they look all sweet and innocent than BANG they wreak havoc on my belly!

I saw them sitting there, my jelly filled love right in the center of the box and I thought “Well heck, why not? It’s not like my day can get much more annoying.” I reached for it and stopped.  I realized that it would make my already rough start for a day even rougher.  So guess what I did… I walked away and grabbed a bag of sweet dried apple chips. Sweet, tasty and friendly to the belly. I’d say this was a win of a donut battle, at least for me! I’ll bet someone else here eats those belly achin’, 8 Weight Watcher points right up!

DISCLAIMER: No Jelly Donuts died by my hand to create this post.

No Wheat? No Dairy…that’s okay have Frittata for Breakfast!

A few days ago my boyfriends mother was trying to figure out what tasty breakfast treats she can make on Christmas Morning that fits into my  diet world. I found myself embarrassed  answering  “oh just plain eggs and bacon are totally fine.” She told me I’m worth it to just let her know. So I jumped online and found this on a great Gluten/Dairy free blog:

Here is her most of the post:

A Gluten-Free Holiday: Breakfast and Brunch (Zucchini and Sun-dried Tomato Frittata)

A Gluten-Free Holiday is being hosted this week over at Diet, Dessert, and Dogs by Ricki Heller, and the theme is Holiday Breakfast and Brunch. Ricki is giving away a copy of her book, Sweet Freedom, and a copy of Gluten-Free and Vegan Holidays by Jennifer Katzinger, so be sure and head over there to check out the party!

* from

Christmas is a time filled with lots of indulgences. Lots of cookies, tons of candy, and ever-so-special baked treats that make the season bright. Breakfasts are no exception, and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t fond of a Christmas stollen, donuts, or a coffee cake. But overindulgence in these treats, I’ve learned, comes at a price – my still-sensitive system still can’t handle a ton of sweets and grains, even gluten-free ones. So I pick and choose when and what I’m going to enjoy, even on the holidays. But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t room for “special” meals – far from it! Special, in my mind, means something that’s a departure from the everyday (in a good way), and that doesn’t always have to equate to extra sugar. In fact, for breakfast, I know I prefer a protein-and-veggie-filled meal to a carb-heavy one.

Hence the reason for this frittata. It comes together relatively quickly. Of course, the most important part? It’s tasty, in a light and fresh sort of way. Yes, there is some bacon involved (which also ups the “special” factor a bit), but it’s definitely nowhere near as heavy as most baked egg dishes, which are full of cream and cheese. The bacon and sun-dried tomatoes are pleasant components here, providing some depth of flavor without being overwhelming. This frittata is a delicious way to start a special day, and is light enough to leave room for a bit of other Christmas breakfast goodies, such as those being shared over at Diet, Dessert and Dogs this week!

Zucchini and Sun-dried Tomato Frittata

2 slices bacon, cut in half to fit skillet

1/4 c thinly sliced onion

1 large zucchini, thinly sliced (I used a mandoline)

3 T sun-dried tomatoes (I used my dehydrated “tomato candy“)

1/4 c roughly chopped flat-leaf parsley

3 eggs, whisked

Salt and pepper to taste

Preheat the oven to 400 degrees. Heat a small 8-inch oven-proof skillet over medium heat and fry bacon until crisp, about 5-8 minutes. Remove bacon, leaving the grease in the pan. Once bacon is cool enough to touch, crumble. Add the onion to the pan and saute for 2 minutes, then add the zucchini. Saute until just tender and brown in a few spots, then add the sun-dried tomatoes, parsley, and crumbled bacon. Toss together a bit, and remove from heat. Add the whisked eggs and season with salt and pepper. Stir the vegetables and bacon together with the eggs a bit to incorporate everything evenly. Place the skillet in the oven and bake for 10 minutes or until eggs are set in the center. Remove from oven, and place a plate upside-down over the skillet. Holding the bottom of the plate with one hand, and the handle of the skillet with the other, flip the pan and plate together so that the plate is now at the bottom and the skillet upside-down on top. The frittata should come free from the skillet and lay on the plate. Cut into wedges and serve.

Makes enough for 2 as part of a breakfast or brunch. Can be doubled – just bake in a larger skillet, perhaps for a few extra minutes.

Saved by the Coconut!

Last night was a chilly evening. All I wanted to do once I got home from work was curl up with some comfort food while I watched the last episode of Game of Thrones. Sadly with my diet, most of my comfort foods like lasagne and mac and cheese are gone by the wayside so I settle for salad or meat and veggies… but I realized I could have Thai Food… some spicy creamy coconut milk simmered with chicken veggies and spices over brown rice. Perfect!!

I ordered myself a nice 4 star Chicken Green Curry ordered Brandon some Phad Thai and off we went to Siam Pura, a little Thai place by our house. My favorite Thai places in West Seattle are Bang Bar and Buddha Ruksa, but they were both too far away from home..Plus Siam Pura is under new management so it was worth a try. Glad we did, it was pretty good. I still love my Bangbar, but this is a nice quick trip from our home.


Curling up on the couch with my cozy yummy treat was exactly what Monday called for…and the episode of Game of Thrones was intense. Overall a good Monday night after a crazy busy day! Take that gluten/dairy free meal Mister Milkbread Monster. Booh Yah!