Paradise Eating at Avalon!

I was lucky enough to be invited to the pre-screening of Breaking Dawn last night with one of my good girlfriends. But so we would get to catch up before the movie based on a book we both devoured, we decided to go out and grab a bite! Easy, we both live in West Seattle so we picked Avalon!

We were greeted warmly and informed, there would be a band. We chose a seat further away, so we could chat and listen. The band was fantastic! (they do this on Thursday nights, I highly recommend it!)  When it came to the menu I wasn’t sure what to do, but I had met one of the owners during my previous visit about a month ago and she told me to ask next time I was in. I ate things I shouldn’t that night! WOOPS…(but boy was that Duck Flatbread good. if you can have gluten and cheese. GO EAT THIS!)

Our waiter arrived and I told him about my dietary restrictions AND that I don’t really eat much seafood because I dont’ care for the stuff. He smiled told me what I could have and I picked the vegetable Risotto. He confirmed with the kitchen that it wouldn’t even have a hint of butter. “No Problem” I was told!

Delicious vegetable Risotto!

Now one may suspect that taking all the yummy fats and cream out of Risotto lessens the experience. Well, I’m not sure what the team at Avalon did but my meal was truly excellent. My Gluten/Dairy eating friend loved the bread and her Seafood Risotto!

After my meal I met the owner Deborah and she reiterated that they are always happy to work with someones dietary restrictions. So Go there…no matter what your food issues are I have 100% faith that they can work with you!

Other than Breaking Dawn being one of the very worst movies ever made (Although it did make us laugh out loud a few times due to it’s cheesiness and absurdity!), it was a great success, very tasty and easy peasy for me. (I’m guessing my dinner was about 10 points for the Risotto and 4 for the amazing vino!)


One response to “Paradise Eating at Avalon!

  1. I always appreciate when I go to a restaurant and they’re happy to answer questions, meet my needs, etc. That’s the way to get good tips and repeat business!

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