Weight Watch This!

To keep myself sane, I do  not have a scale in my house. This way I am forced to pay for and at least enter Weight Watchers once a week. My goal of getting rid of those nasty and sneaky extra pounds is in the works. And today was the end of week one and my first weigh in since I started. I am proud to say that my seven days filled with Steak Salads, Peanut Soup, Gluten Free pastas was successful. I weighed in and lost 3 pounds! So there you have it… Mr. Muffin, watch out you are quickly going to lose your top and not ’cause I’m eatin’ your gluteny-ness!

No Muffins For You! *Thanks http://www.nixiepixel.com/nixie-ces-plans/

Bye Bye Muffinhead!


2 responses to “Weight Watch This!

  1. I love it! I cut out wheat for six months and felt like I could eat anything I wanted other than that… and it was true.

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