No Party Foul!

My pops, in honor of his 70th birthday, ordered a special production Mustang Boss 302 . Then with car in garage, had a huge party to celebrate his life and his beloved new car. For him, making 70 was extra special since my grandpa Bill passed at 69 years old. Actually, if you ask my dad he also knows how many months and days old Grandpa was when he left us. My father is thankfully a happy, healthy and very animated storyteller which just makes me smile.

My Proud Papa with his new Toy!

What was on the menu to this extravaganza? Of course with a house full of his kids and grandkids he had pizza, salad, cupcakes, ice cream cakes (yes plural) and angel food cake. Now, you might cringe thinking of how this worked out for me…and to be totally honest, I was worried when I got the invite. So I emailed my Stepmom and asked if there would be gluten free/dairy free foods or if I could bring some. She quickly responded that she had something for me, and boy did she ever.

Now lets not forget, I had to handle my side of the deal. I got to my dad’s with my willpower in high gear, still having to avoid the tasty looking pizzas, cupcakes and one of my very favorites, Angel Food Cake. But my Stepmom made this so much easier and healthy. She cooked up some brown rice pasta and tossed it in a sauce of olive oil, sun dried tomato, slivered almonds and basil. It was truly so excellent that even those pizza eaters dove into my pasta. She also made a side to her famous Asian Salad that was noodle free with added oranges. YUM!

Brown Rice Pasta with Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto

Here is the recipe, just replace the pasta with brown rice pasta and take out the cheeses!

Dessert you ask. This is one of the very hardest things on my diet, since most desserts are made with almost exclusively diary and gluten. Such as my favorite dessert in the whole wide world is proof that my taste buds hate my stomach, bread pudding. You know what that is? Bread soaked in milk then covered with butter/whiskey sauce then topped with ice cream or whipped cream. YUM! But that right there knocks me down for the count.

So what did she do? My awesome Stepmom made me some Lemon Meringue cookies that were really good. I’ll be honest, they were no mud pie or cupcake, but as a healthy happy solution to my diet restrictions, they were perfect. I got out of that party having only spent 15 of my 29 daily Weight Watcher points. A very big success!

My week one weigh in is tomorrow…wish me luck!


2 responses to “No Party Foul!

  1. That’s so sweet that your stepmom made certain dishes with you in mind. That must have made celebrating a lot more fun. I hope the weigh-in goes well tomorrow!!!

  2. Thanks Elizabeth! I’m lucky to have a great Stepmama! Fingers crossed for a good weigh in at noon today…yikes!

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