Hide and Seek Gluten Game

Taco Salad! Yum! I wanted some last night, and I wanted it bad… so off I went to the store I went. Since I’m also cooking for gluten/dairy loving man I not only grabbed the safe items for me: seasoning packet, lettuce, tomato, kidney beans, ground chicken and my favorite chipolte salsa, but I also got him the sour cream, french dressing, tortilla chips and grated cheese. With my goodies in hand, I rushed home to start cooking the spicy treat.

Something that is important to me when I eat healthier is to use good spices to add tasty flavors to the newly fat reduced foods. When I finished all the chopping and browning the meat I sprinkled it with the packet of powder and added the water, then I looked at the back of the taco seasoning packet to see how long it needed to be simmer… and there it was glaring in my face, the ingredients in this delightful little packet of seasonings contains not one but both my allergens! NO WAY!

Gluten fiasco!

I’d love to say I decided to fix this somehow, making myself some new chicken seasoned with only salt, chili powder and cumin instead of the packet of love, but in fact I did not. I was tired after work and cooking that I enjoyed every bite and didn’t feel too ill when I was done.

That being said, today I got up and started digging through my cabinet and looking online for the hidden gluten and dairy in products that would be a surprise…here is what I found!

Spicy Dangers:

  • Soy Sauce: Tamari is the answer, but still read it. Some Tamari has gluten in it
  • Taco Seasoning: Some add Lactose AND gluten!
  • Gravy Packets: Yeah I know, Duh… but I just didn’t think about the thickening. Yikes!
  • Bulk Spices: They sometimes fill them with flour!
  • Salad Dressing: this one is a double danger for me! They add gluten to thicken, but also many restaurants add diary to add a richer flavor to dressings like Balsamic Vinaigrette… not nice guys! Only oil and vinegar is truly safe when out and about. Lame!

Other Surprises:

  • Sausages/Lunch Meats: often contain gluten to hold the dog together…
  • Baked Beans: Tomato sauce may contain gluten
  • Grated Cheeses: Now I know I shouldn’t have these, but if you are only gluten free, they sometimes coat the cheese with flour to keep it from sticking together. Tricky Tricky!
  • Vitamins: seriously I need to read everything!

*For more surprises visit the site where I found many of these tips: The Gluten Free Chef

So I guess the moral of last nights meal is, I am not safe from that darned Milkbread monster unless I check all the fine print. Boy is this complicated!

Side Note: I saw that Qwest field now has all kinds of gluten free treats at the games! this is fantastic news!


2 responses to “Hide and Seek Gluten Game

  1. That stuff hides in everything. Wow! That certainly makes little spice stores more appealing, even if they are pricey.

  2. I had to stay gluten-free, milk-free once for a few weeks while on a medical detox diet for allergies, and I have to say it sucked! It was just as easy to just eat only vegetables and forget anything else. I can’t imagine having to eat that way all the time! Thank you for sharing tips on this.

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