The Allergy Riddled Weight Watcher

So yesterday, I got up and tried to squeeze myself into my jeans. Nope, not an easy task, I struggled laying on the bed trying to button that button. Finally winning the button battle, I searched through my seemingly too small clothing for something to cover the muffin top (really bad, muffins have gluten!). I looked in the mirror and admitted, I may have only gained about 10 pounds since I was last a Weight Watchers Lifetime Member, but those 10 pounds were going to make me take one of two paths. One, to lose the weight and fit my clothing… Or two, buy new clothing. Although option one is harder that is the one I chose.

Luckily my workload was fairly light so I was able to run down to the lunchtime meeting at Weight Watchers and weigh in. There is something about stepping on that scale and seeing that number written in my booklet that makes me sad. Especially since it seemed it was a wee bit over the 10 pounds I knew about. BUT I knew I was there at the meeting and that was a good start. It worked for me years ago, so hopefully ten pounds be gone!

So after about ten years of using Weight Watchers, but being off the diet for a few years I have a new struggle, Dairy and Gluten, plus they have a new points system.  One would gather that giving up dairy and gluten would cause weight loss, but it seems for me that I find it an invitation to eat more rice and sugar. Yikes!   It’s a bit overwhelming to say the least but hopefully I can find some help.  Wish me luck!


7 responses to “The Allergy Riddled Weight Watcher

  1. Sigh. Damn rice :).

  2. Kerry Schimmelbusch

    I love weight watchers and think it is a great program for anyone who is looking for a supportive weight loss environment. It’s amazing when you are tracking what you eat you realize how much bigger your portions grew over time. Usually, it just takes some minor tweaks and mindfulness to get back on track. I imagine the dairy-gluten free element makes it a bit more challenging, Maren. Sounds like you have a good plan in place! Looking forward to reading more…

  3. Really compelling photo! Made me giggle and want to read even more.

  4. I agree with Kerry. Portion control is such a huge issue. I grew up with my dad serving dinner, and that man can eat. He’s also tall enough and active enough that it doesn’t seem to matter. *sigh*

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