Restaurant Week Fail!

Every year I look forward to delighting my taste buds with all kinds of treats made by often very talented chefs around the Seattle area! Why is this so special to me you may ask? Easy I normally go to a new restaurant and try an entree and maybe share an appetizer, but Restaurant Week gives you 3 courses for $28 and if I go with Brandon or a friend I get to try so much more!

The MilkBread Monsters Evil Plot!

This year I was going to be a good girl and try to see if I could enjoy this $28 extravaganza of food BUT stay within my diet. Not only did I miss this while seated at the West Seattle wonder Spring Hill, eating Grilled Pear and Gorgonzola Salad followed by Hangar Steak over creamy mashed potatoes then finished with a Chocolate Pots de Creme! I did suffer when I got home, but the food was so incredibly amazing I didn’t regret it too much!

As if this wasn’t bad enough a few nights later I went to Icon for dinner with 2 friends! Another amazing meal filled with no-no’s for me. Although as I write this I’m starting to see a theme! That night I had a tasty Mixed Green Salad, followed by Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf in some more creamy mashed potatoes and finished it off with a chocolate cupcake. To be honest, the cupcake wasn’t that good yet I ate over half until My belly rebelled with a good cramping. Ugh!

What does all this have in common, Mashed Potatoes! No, seriously the issue is I completely ignored the wonderful yet easy experience I had at Teatro where they gave me amazing food within my diet restrictions, and I threw that all away without even asking either of these great restaurants if they could alter the dishes for me. Ah Mr. Milkbread Monster, I have your number, I learned my lesson and I am commin’ to get you! I need to stop with this shy thing, I’m not shy in most of my life, but why here!?! Next time I will ask!


6 responses to “Restaurant Week Fail!

  1. Health concerns are the easiest to be shy about.

  2. FIGHT THE POWER OF MASHIES!! Polenta 4evah.

  3. I think it’s great you are learning what foods tempt you the most and how to make better choices in the future. I think by blogging you will be able to better identify different issues as they come up.

  4. Maren – have you tried creamy cauliflower? It seriously satisfies that craving. Here’s my paleo-version, but you can add salt (lucky girl)! Give it a shot and see what you think.
    Also, are you able to have coconut milk or is that off-limits in a lactose-free diet?

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