Office Party Temptation

* Photo from Stuart Miles

There in the middle of my giggling coworkers stood the enemy, the white round table covered with soft bagels, all kinds of creamy cheese, sugary sweet donuts and berry filled Danishes.  I stared at the table as I poured my cup of black coffee and listened to my colleague as she describe how her culture celebrates the birth of a new family member. Sadly, I missed part of the story as I searched all of my brain for a reason to delight my taste buds with one of these belly toxic treats. To be honest, had I not started this blog I would have quickly tossed a sugar coated, berry filled donut down the hatch, then quickly regretted it ten minutes later as I sat in a budget meeting with a cramped belly and sweaty brow. But I did not, I was able to focus on the graphs and numbers.. kinda 😉  So… thank you for being here and helping me stay true on my journey. Yes, Point one for Maren, I did not eat that doughnut, bagel or even a “taste” of the berry filling.  Yee haw!
Score-  Maren – 1       MilkBread Monster-0


9 responses to “Office Party Temptation

  1. YAY! I’ve got an amazing chunck of chocolate waiting for you. All vegan, and stunningly delicious. You can get them here:

    just choose the ‘vegan’ option when ordering. You can also get them at a little store up in the UDistrict 🙂 ROADTRIP!!!!

  2. Hey Maren,
    Congrats on joining the blog society. You should check out They are mostly about organic cooking and stuff, but I think you’ll dig it. And you’ll recognize some of the participants.

    • Thanks Fritz I went on there today and ended up cooking the BeBop for breakfast… yum! I’m not sure who I recognize though…uh oh! 🙂

  3. Well done, MP – beating the dreaded treat table is a milestone for, well, pretty much anyone.

  4. Maren…look for Matt Smith, our former impov teacher. He’s one of the creators of

  5. I am now thoroughly looking forward to a picture of the milkbread monster!

  6. Nice! Very witty too.

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